Conditions is a service provider in the field of airline tickets. The booking conditions apply to all forms of service from When you make a reservation with us, you conclude a reservation agreement through a third party, which ensures that your reservation order is correctly processed between you as a traveler and the relevant supplier. The terms and conditions of the service provider (s) involved apply to the service reserved by you. These conditions can be obtained directly from the service provider (s).
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Terms and Conditions

Table of Contents:

Article 1       Definitions
Article 2       The assignment in general
Article 3       The reservation order
Article 4       Payment and delivery
Article 5       Rates and surcharges
Article 6       Liability
Article 7       Documents
Article 8       Amendments and cancellations
Article 9       Interest and collection costs
Article 10     Klachten
Article 11     Disputes

Article 1 - Definitions

  1. The assignment: contains the agreement between the traveler and, whereby commits itself to the traveler to provide services in the field of travel, in the broadest sense of the word.
  2. The person who, in the course of his business, advises, informs and mediates in the conclusion of travel agreements.
  3. Service provider: The carrier, accommodation provider, travel organizer and / or other service providers in the field of travel, in the broadest sense of the word, with whom the traveler enters into an agreement and who, subject to the applicable conditions, is responsible for the execution of the service.
  4. Client: the person who places a booking at
  5. Traveler: The client (notifier), or the person for whom the services provided by have been stipulated and who has accepted that stipulation.
  6. Airline ticket: a ticket issued in paper or electronic form by or on behalf of the airline as a Service Provider after complete completion of the booking and payment process. An electronic ticket is equated with an E-ticket in these terms and conditions.
  7. Business days: The days Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., excluding recognized public holidays, unless expressly states that other opening times apply to it.
  8. Low-cost airlines: are airlines that try to save money in all sorts of ways, and pass on this benefit to the consumer, so that Airline tickets can often be offered for (extremely) low prices. These cheap flights are mainly offered to destinations within Europe.

Article 2 - The assignment in general

1. When booking on, the traveler is advised beforehand that he / she is entering into an agreement. The traveler is bound by this agreement by confirming the booking by

2. The content of the assignment may include informing and advising the traveler, as well as reserving the services he requires for the benefit of the traveler if possible.

3. The client is bound towards and the service provider after the order has been issued, irrespective of whether a confirmation is provided directly. If a fee is payable for a service of itself, will announce this in advance.

4. The (order) confirmation will generally be able to be emailed directly to the client, in which case this confirmation will serve as proof for the agreement described in the confirmation.

5. In case the order confirmation cannot be emailed immediately, it will be sent by The client can lodge a complaint within four working days of receipt, failing which the confirmation serves as proof of the existence and content of the agreement. This does not affect the ability of the client to provide proof to the contrary.

6. The client is fully liable towards both and the service provider for the obligations arising from the services provided by The other travelers are liable for their share.

Article 3 - The reservation order
1. The client will provide with the necessary information regarding itself and the (possible) other traveler (s) for concluding the agreement and its implementation.
If you have made a reservation at, the following additional conditions apply. reserves the right to revoke the aforementioned travel data and rates within 24 hours of booking. This is because we depend on third-party systems. If your payment has not been made within 24 hours, there is a chance that your flight rate has changed. If you do not pay and cancel your booking, the cancellation conditions apply and we will charge cancellation costs. See Article 8 Amendments & Cancellations.

2. The prices of reserved services can be changed in accordance with the conditions of the service provider. These changes will be passed on and passed on as soon as possible.

3. All communications from or service provider will be addressed exclusively to the client.
If the client makes a booking, he insures us to be authorized to accept these conditions. The client accepts these conditions on behalf of himself and on behalf of all members of the group. If the client makes a booking for more than one person, he is responsible for all payments due for each group member for whom a booking has been made.It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that all details of the booking are correct before the purchase is made and that all information that the client has received from us or other travel organizers is passed on to all members of the group. All information provided by us to the client will be considered as transferred to each member of the group for which a booking has been made by the client.

4. The client must provide the correct contact details to during the reservation order. If the data changes, the customer will inform of this. If the client cannot be reached via the provided contact details, is not liable for the consequences that may arise if the client is not reached. Contact information is understood to mean: address, e-mail address and telephone number (s).

5. The Client receives three e-mails when booking a flight ticket. The first email message is a Booking Confirmation that the Client receives on the Website within 30 minutes after the order has been definitively confirmed. The second e-mail message is an invoice that the Client receives on the Website after the final confirmation of the Order. In addition, the Client will receive a third email within two Business Days after receipt of payment by This e-mail message contains the electronic Flight Ticket or the e-ticket.

 If the Client does not receive (one of) the above e-mails, the Client must immediately contact customer service.

 6. The so-called 'cooling-off period' that applies to a regular distance purchase does not apply to the services of From the moment that the Client presses on payment and confirmation, the booking is final. If the Client does not pay and / or renounces the booking after booking and payment, the cancellation conditions apply and we will charge cancellation costs. See Article 8 Amendments & Cancellations.

7. The person making the reservation must be 18 years or older. By making a reservation through, you are aware of the applicable conditions and you agree to these conditions.

8. uses e-tickets, this is the electronic version of the paper flight ticket. In general, all airlines use e-tickets.

9. Flight times are given as a guideline in the client's travel documents. All departure and arrival times on the e-ticket are announced by the relevant airlines. If changes occur in the departure and / or arrival time, the client cannot hold responsible for this.

10. It is not possible to place a booking for more than 9 people in one go (this applies to adults and children). If you wish to make a booking for a larger number of Travelers, please contact customer service. In order to process your request for a group booking, may charge costs.

Article 4 - Payment and delivery

1. The amounts due must be paid to within 24 hours. In most cases, payment for the placed booking must be made immediately.

2. At you can pay for free via iDeal and Visa. A surcharge may apply depending on your choice of other payment options. Further information can be found on the website, you can also contact customer service for this.

3. When giving the order (s), will require a down payment, which in any case will not be higher than is required in accordance with the terms and conditions of the service provider (s) involved.

4. The remainder of the amount due must be received by at the latest on the date stated in the confirmation or invoice. In the event of any discrepancies between confirmation and invoice, the confirmation applies.

5. If the (advance) payment is not made or not made on time, the traveler will be in default and the agreements will be deemed to have been canceled, unless the conditions of the (possibly) relevant service provider (s) prescribe otherwise. In that case has the right to charge the costs of cancellation or to deduct them from the deposit (s) received.

6. Possible refunds are made exclusively to the client.

7. Low-cost airlines charge surcharges for checked baggage. The surcharges apply per baggage item and vary per airline. Low-cost airlines also charge costs for, among other things, on-board drinks, check-in at the airport instead of online. The client is responsible for requesting the allowances that the low-cost airline charges.

8. The Client must take into account that may ask for a different payment method for a number of travel destinations than payment by credit card. The reason for this is that some travel destinations have an increased risk of credit card fraud. In the interest of the Traveler and in the interest of, Travelers to these destinations are requested to pay in a different way than with a credit card within a payment term set by

9. After you have made a reservation and the full amount has been paid, we will proceed with the delivery of your airline tickets. Your ticket is an electronic ticket and / or Voucher, which we send by e-mail to the e-mail address you specified no later than four business days after payment. If delivery of the Flight Ticket and / or the Voucher is not possible due to a mistake and / or mistake made by the Client, such as but not limited to passing on an incorrect or incomplete e-mail address, neither nor the Service Provider liable for this.

Article 5 - Rates and surcharges

Rate of an Airline ticket
A cost overview of the total price is included in the step ‘ booking overview and payment options’ of the online booking and payment steps. The price of an Airline Ticket is composed of the price of the flight per person plus taxes and surcharges.

Airport taxes depend on the airline chosen, the flight route and the airports where you may have to transfer during a flight. Security and / or fuel surcharges are made mandatory by airlines and other third parties.

Airport taxes and surcharges are also subject to exchange rate differences, among other things. During the booking process, an indication of the taxes will initially be given. The exact amount will be stated when you complete your booking.

Additional charges is entitled to charge additional costs that relate to the handling and processing of the booking. A number of surcharges may apply to your booking. also charges a standard € 25.00 booking fee, unless otherwise applicable.

Airlines may charge surcharges for checked baggage. The surcharges apply per baggage item and vary per airline. These surcharges are shown during the booking process. Airlines can also charge surcharges for, for example, on-board drinks and check-in at the airport instead of online check-in. The airline may also charge additional costs for preferred meals and seats. The Traveler is responsible for requesting additional surcharges that the airline charges.

Airports can charge an additional departure tax locally. This departure tax is separate from the Airline Ticket booked by the Client and is calculated locally by the airport (often in local currency). The amount of this departure tax can vary & varies per destination. Neither nor the Service Provider is liable for (the payment of) such locally imposed departure taxes.

Optional costs
At you can book the following optional Services:

  • Ticket insurance: You can take out a Ticket insurance against payment at With a Ticket insurance you are assured that the prepaid travel sum of your airline ticket is reimbursed if an airline is in insolvency. In such a case, a maximum of € 2,000 can be paid out. You must take into account that the guarantee must be concluded within 7 days after booking. If you take out a Ticket insurance, the conditions of the airline ticket guarantee apply, see elsewhere on this Website.
  • Travel and / or cancellation insurance: At you can take out travel and / or cancellation insurance against payment. With travel insurance you are well prepared for your trip and you are insured against damage, loss and theft of your luggage. You are also insured for medical costs that are not reimbursed by your health insurance policy. The Guarantee type is the average coverage that you receive when taking out a trip and / or cancellation insurance. If you want higher coverage, you should contact customer service. Taking out travel insurance is only possible if you live in the Netherlands (with the exception of the overseas territories). You must also have health insurance in the Netherlands. With a cancellation insurance you are insured against costs that you must incur if you are unable to travel due to serious impediment. Think of an accident, illness or death of family members. The costs for taking out travel and / or cancellation insurance are shown during the booking process.


Article 6 – Liability

1. In its activities, will take the care of a good contractor into account.

2. Without prejudice to the above provisions, accepts no liability for acts and / or negligence of the service provider (s) involved, nor for the accuracy of the information provided by these service provider (s) (whether or not via the website of

3. bears no responsibility for photos, brochures and other information material insofar as published under the responsibility of third parties and / or not limited to Service Provider (s).

4. Insofar as itself is accountably inadequate and the Traveler suffers (in) direct damage as a result (including damage due to lost travel pleasure),'s liability is limited to a maximum of 25% of the invoiced services. So-called consequential damage is excluded from this. Consequential damage is never reimbursed.

5. Liability for damage against which the Traveler is insured (for example by taking out travel and / or cancellation insurance or health insurance), as well as liability for damage suffered by the Traveler in the context of the exercise of a profession or business (including damage caused by missing connections or not arriving on time at the place of destination) are excluded.

6. is not responsible for any commitments made by its staff and / or third parties (including the relevant Service Provider (s)), whereby deviations are made in a recognizable manner from the terms and conditions of these General Terms and Conditions or the applicable terms and conditions of the relevant Service Provider (s). s) specified conditions, unless such commitments are subsequently confirmed in writing.

7. cannot guarantee that the request for special requests can be met, because we have no direct control over how the services are provided by our suppliers.

8. cannot accept liability in the event of the bankruptcy of an airline. To prevent that you as a customer lose your money if an airline goes bankrupt, we offer you the airline ticket guarantee in cooperation with the Europeesche Verzekeringen. This ensures that you get your money back in the event of airline bankruptcy, up to a maximum of € 1,500 per ticket. Ticket insurance must be indicated when you make your booking in order to claim this.

9. is not liable for compensation for indirect damage, including but not limited to consequential damage due to failure to receive information about possible changes in your flight times, flight number and / or flight route, lost profit, missed savings and damage due to business interruption. , or for the damage suffered by the Client or the Traveler.

10. If an airline offers the technical possibility, it is possible to indicate a seat preference (seat number) in our reservation system. This seat preference can never be guaranteed.

Article 7 –

1. The traveler is responsible for carrying the necessary documents, such as a passport that meets all validity requirements, or, where permitted, an identity card and any required visas, proof of vaccinations and vaccinations, driver's license and green card. Depending on the nationality of you and / or your fellow traveler (s) and your travel destination (s), different provisions apply. You can find these provisions on the Visum Centrale website. Via this service you can also apply for your visa at Please note: this site is based on Dutch nationality. For up-to-date information for other nationalities you can go to the embassy (s) of the country of your destination (s).

2. emphatically points out to the Client that the first name and surname of the Traveler as stated in the passport must be provided as passenger data in the booking process. If you are married as a woman, you must enter your maiden name as stated in your passport in the booking system and not the surname of your spouse. Also you do not have to enter the mention of spouse and widow of during the booking process.

3. points out that vaccinations and / or malaria tablets are necessary for a large number of foreign destinations. Not having certain vaccinations can result in you being denied access to a country. Vaccinations may also apply to short stays, such as transfers. Various authorities can inform you about the risks of diseases in (sub) tropical countries and the vaccinations against them. For advice on vaccinations and diseases you can go to the GGD, a vaccination agency in your region or your doctor.

4. The Traveler himself will obtain the necessary additional information from the authorities involved and will also check in good time before departure whether the earlier information is still correct. The flight numbers and flight times as stated on your confirmation or itinerary are a snapshot at the time of the reservation. There is a possibility that airlines make schedule changes that change the flight numbers, flight times or the flown route. strives to inform you of these changes before departure. Since we cannot offer a guarantee for this, or that the information does not reach us in time, you are responsible for obtaining the correct flight numbers and departure times.

5. When traveling to or via the United States and you want to use the VISA Waiver Program (VWP) you must request permission to use the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA). You should preferably do this no later than 72 hours before departure, once you have booked an Airline Ticket. Costs for this are borne by the Traveler. Without ESTA you are not allowed to travel to via the United States. For more information about the application and whether you are eligible for the VWP, refers you to the ESTA website ( reminds all Travelers to and from the United States that your data is accessible to local authorities in connection with a legally required security check. Your data will only be used by ESTA for security purposes.

6. If the Traveler cannot make the trip (in full) due to the absence of any (valid) document, all related consequences will be for his account.

Article 8 - Amendments & Cancellations

Change or cancellation by
Bookings are in principle guaranteed if the Airline Tickets and / or Vouchers have been issued and paid by on behalf of the Service Provider (s). reserves the right to return to the rates it has offered and sold within two Business Days after receiving payment and issuing the Airline Tickets and / or Vouchers. The reason for this is that the mentioned rates on the Website are starting rates set by the Service Providers and loaded on the Website by these third parties. When loading and publishing these rates, incorrect rates may, for example, be placed due to (system) errors. showing Airline tickets and / or Vouchers for a wrong (i.e. too low) rate. The rates are placed on the website of through fully automated processes and Airline tickets and / or Vouchers are printed on the basis of this published data. does its utmost to check these processes and the published rates, but cannot give a full guarantee in that regard. For that reason, reserves the right to request an additional payment from the Client within two Working Days or to cancel the Airline Tickets and / or Vouchers if there are incorrectly published rates and / or if Airline Tickets and / or Vouchers have been issued for an incorrect rate and / or if Airline tickets have been issued with an incorrect airport tax rate.

In the worldwide booking systems combinations of airlines are sometimes offered for which it is not possible to issue an electronic Airline Ticket because these airlines have not entered into a ticket agreement with each other or because these airlines are not an official IATA member. In these cases an employee of will contact you within 48 hours after booking to discuss the possible alternatives. reserves the right to refuse these bookings and to refund the paid travel sum. 

Change or cancellation by the Client

1. After booking, an Airline Ticket is in principle definitively booked and can no longer be changed (name, time, date and / or destination change) or canceled. However, there are exceptions where change or cancellation is possible. If you want to change or cancel, you can request information about the possibilities and conditions from customer service.

2. If it is possible to change or cancel your Airline ticket, you must take into account that there are always costs involved. This concerns the cancellation and / or modification costs that the airline charges. The costs of the change and / or cancellation depend on the conditions of the chosen airline and the conditions of the chosen Airline Ticket. For the costs of changes and / or cancellations, points out that these can amount to 100% of the price of the Airline Ticket. In some cases these costs may themselves be higher if the previously booked tariff class is no longer available. The administration costs that calculates in order to carry out the cancellation and / or change are also for your account.

3. If the Client has taken out cancellation insurance for 1 or more Travelers and the reason for cancellation falls under the conditions of the cancellation insurance, the Client will still pay the administration costs charged as well as the premium for the cancellation insurance taken out.An exception is made for Airline tickets for which the cancellation costs are 100%: a maximum of 70% of the ticket price is reimbursed for this. The administration costs and any costs for payments (credit card or other payment method), airline ticket guarantee and airline reservation fee are not refundable. The amount to be reimbursed will be transferred to the Traveler as soon as this amount has been received by by the insurance company.

4. If you expect a refund from the airline as a result of a complaint, change or cancellation, this can take a long time. We depend on the supplier for this. When we have received the refundable amount from them, we will transfer it to you as soon as possible. You should bear in mind that in such cases, airlines can be very slow and the process can take at least a few months. We cannot be held liable for this.

Article 9 - Interest and collection costs

1. The traveler who is in default owes the statutory interest unless the conditions of the relevant service provider prescribe a higher interest rate.

2. The Client is furthermore obliged to compensate all reasonably incurred extrajudicial & nbsp by or Service Provider; and legal costs.

Article 10 – Complaints

Complaints about a reservation made by, resp. about advice and information provided by, can be submitted to up to one month after the end of the reserved service or, if the trip has not taken place, up to a month after the original departure date mentioned in the travel documents.

Article 11 - Disputes

1. Dutch law applies to all disputes between and the Traveler. Only a Dutch court is authorized to take cognizance of these disputes.

2. Every right to claim expires 3 months after the end of the reserved service (or, if the journey has not been completed, 3 months after the original departure date), or if the complaint relates to the services provided by 3 months after this service.